KEIMFARBEN. Consistently mineral.

The most beautiful colours are now also the best!

Mineral paints by KEIM are an accompanying feature for architecture in the 20th and 21st century, from historism to Art Nouveau and Bauhaus to today`s spectacular deconstructivist buildings. Generations of renowned architects, craftsmen and artists are convinced of and even inspired by KEIM`s mineral paints.

The basic principle of their unsurpassed durability persists unchanged to this day: Water glass as the silicate binding agent enters into an inseparable bond with the surface in a chemical process known as silicification. 

Water glass is transparent and lets rays of light pass through unhindered to the colourful inorganic pigments, generating crystalline reflections in a certain angle and thus colouring the material.

The result is an unsurpassed depth of colour, combined with a matt, velvety surface effect. The colour shade becomes a solid colour. This architectural approach is tailormade for Le Corbusier`s colour keyboards. It is therefore no great surprise that KEIM has now been exclusively authorised to offer Le Corbusier`s unique colour collection under the name of “poLyChro®“.

Using the strictest standards of quality and sustainability for which KEIM has been known for more than 135 years as global market leader in silicate technology, the most beautiful colours are now also the best! Mineral paints by KEIM are as timeless as Le Corbusier`s “Polychromie architecturale“, for individual colour concepts that blend with the architecture.